Due to our broad range of manufacturing experiences we have partners from different industry sectors such as electronics, precision mechanics, medical device manufacturing and furniture production.

Engel, Demag and Fanuc injection moulding machines installed at our injection moulding plant guarantee impeccable quality. In addition to hydraulic machines, our machine park consists of an electric injection moulding machine, capable of satisfying every modern technical requirements.

To faciliate process automatization, a robot is part of our manufacturing capability.

The range of our products and services include the sale of parts as single components, partial or complete assemblies, pad printing, as well as packaging and inspection based on individual needs.

The inspection of parts is performed by calibrated measuring tools in the measuring room created specifically for this purpose.

We are in continuous cooperation with our partners for new product development, including the procurement of special materials, building prototypes and implementing special customer processes.

Molding shop machinery:

Our machines Clamping force Machine park
Engel 50 tonf clamping force 3 pcs
Fanuc 65 tonf clamping force 1 pc electric injection molding machine
Engel 80 tonf clamping force 1 pc
Demag 100 tonf clamping force 1 pc
Engel 120 tonf clamping force 1 pc
Demag 170 tonf clamping force 1 pc
Mold manufacturing

Our main profile is mold manufacturing what we are specialized…

Medical device manufacturing

Besides injection mold manufacturing and injection molding,since 2004, LZ-FORM Ltd.…

Plastic injection molding

Our molding shop operates in 3 shifts to be able…


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