The Company’s main business profile is toolmaking, based on extensive technical experience and looking back on a history of nearly 30 years.

We undertake the design of plastic injection moulding tools based on prototypes, 2D-drawings and 3D-models, the manufacture of prototype and final tools up to a closing force of 180 tonnes.

We conduct in-house tool trials to ensure that any modifications and corrections can be implemented within a short period of time.  

One of our key values include providing a reliable professional background. We handle customer orders with flexibility using short lead times.

The fact that all steps of the manufacturing process are performed in-house is a guarantee for speed and quality as well.


Our Machine Park:

Hermle C400 Milling Machine

1 pcs DMU 60 E Milling Machine

1 pcs DMU 60 Monoblock

2 pcs Ingersoll Gauntry 500 Spark Erosion Machine

2 pcs Charmilles 240 Wire Cutting Spark Erosion Machine Tool

Mitsubishi FA10 Wire Cutting Spark Erosion Machine Tool

OPS Ingersoll Speed Hawk 550 Electrode Milling Machine

Haas SL 10 CNC Lathe

Mold manufacturing

Our main profile is mold manufacturing what we are specialized…

Medical device manufacturing

Besides injection mold manufacturing and injection molding,since 2004, LZ-FORM Ltd.…

Plastic injection molding

Our molding shop operates in 3 shifts to be able…


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