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Plastic injection molding

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Our molding shop operates in 3 shifts to be able to fulfill customer requirements as rapidly as possible.

We engage in the sales of single components, partial or complete assemblies, pad printing, packaging and inspection based on individual needs.

Molding shop machinery:

Our machines Clamping forceMachine park
Engel 50 tonf clamping force 3 pcs
Fanuc 65 tonf clamping force 1 pc electric injection molding machine 
Engel 80 tonf clamping force 1 pc
Demag 100 tonf clamping force 1 pc
Engel 120 tonf clamping force 1 pc
Demag 170 tonf clamping force 1 pc


Medical device manufacturing

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Besides injection mold manufacturing and injection molding,since 2004, LZ-FORM Ltd. also deals with manufacturing and molding plastic and metal parts for medical devices, assembling and packing mostly for US customers.

We do all of our activities based on ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards in a 100 square meter ISO 8 controlled environment room and using a nearly 200 square meter assembling area. Independent quality assurance guarantees the compliance of all produced parts and components.

We have successfully installed new technologies needed for medical device manufacturing over the years such as blister packaging, manufacturing in clean room, soldering and assembling under microscope.

Customer satisfaction and product quality is highly important for our company.

Our customers’ unbroken confidence shows the efficiency of our work.

Mold manufacturing

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Our main profile is mold manufacturing what we are specialized in for 25 years.

Based on physical samples, 2D or 3D data, we design, create prototypes for and then produce the final molds using maximum 180 tons of clamping force.

We handle our orders in a flexible manner, using short lead times. The fact that all steps of the manufacturing process are performed in-house is a guarantee for speed and quality as well.

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